Updates and Contact


2015-08-31: First version of the essay/book.

2015-09-06: Added a whole bunch of data from Calgary community profile statistics and crime statistics. Appendix B is much more thorough now!

2015-10-06: Added some data from the USA to the economics section, as well as some consideration to the cost of living across Canada. Also modified the wording in a couple of sections to remove some ambiguity based on feedback I’ve received.

2015-10-29: Massive overhaul of appendices. Charts should be easier to read and lots of new data added. Substantially more Calgary community data added to the appendix on family. Conclusions reaffirmed / strengthened in virtually all cases.



If you’d like to drop me a line, fill in the contact form below. Please understand, though, that it’s a pretty rare occasion that I get into discussions like these online. I used to, but I’ve learned my lesson. In other words, don’t necessarily expect a response.