Keeping Alberta Loveable

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The 2015 provincial election in Alberta stunned quite a number of people, mostly Albertan. The reigning PC party may have been long in the tooth, but we chose to replace them with the NDP. That’s about as far as you can swing on the political spectrum!

Left-leaning political parties will always make promises that sound grander and more compassionate than right-leaning political parties. This might lead one to believe folks on the right are less concerned about the average man on the street. And in our present culture it seems there are too few people out there taking the time to carefully explain why it is that right-leaning policies – though less ambitious and seemingly less compassionate – actually accomplish far greater good than left-leaning policies.

For the Love of Alberta is one man’s attempt to add his voice to those who would caution against falling for the lofty promises of the left. They sound good on paper, but history has shown that they don’t work; in many cases they actually make the very problems they intend to solve even worse. Better the modest success of the right than the magnificent failure of the left.

About the author

Paul is just some average Albertan who enjoys our great province and got concerned about the election of a far-left leaning political party. He’s not a political pundit and he’s not associated with any political party.

About the website

This site only exists to provide access to the book. The book can be read in one of two ways.

  1. Digitally. The entire book, free of charge, can be downloaded as a PDF at this link.
  2. Hard copy. For those who prefer paper in hand (I’m with you!) you can buy the book for a very modest price from the Createspace website. No, this is not my retirement plan.

This is not intended to be a site where readers can discuss and debate politics. The reason for this decision is simple; you should be discussing these issues with your neighbours, not strangers on the internet who mostly just love a good fight about politics. Talk to your colleagues about these issues. Talk to your neighbours, family, friends about why it is that Alberta, with it’s long history of right-leaning government, is a province that people continuously move into and why provinces with similar natural resources and potential, but with left-leaning government, are the provinces people move out of.

Spend less time in chat rooms and more time in living rooms. Perhaps For the Love of Alberta will be just the right kind of conversation starter for the subject.

If you are interested, Paul Buller has written another book that may help keep the conversations running smoothly – Arguing With Friends. It’s not nearly as hostile as it sounds…

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